Episode 45: Pass the Honey — Bear by Marian Engel

Did you miss us? We were taking a brief sabbatical in the north woods of Ontario when we stumbled upon a seductive stranger. Full in form and stature, an imposing specimen really, with many *ahem* physical attributes that left us feeling replete in both mind and body. The richness of his fur alone… hair, hair of coarse. Course. Dammit. His name? Yes yes, well we didn’t quite get that far. You know how throes of passion go, so lacking in formality. And with all that solitude to penetrate. Oh Bear. Dear! We need a swim to clear our heads. This one is for our neighbors to the north, and all your enticing wildlife.


Episode 44: JANEuary Part 5 (The OG) — Persuasion by Jane Austen

We did it y’all; we’ve been through the now, the then, the if only, and the as if; it’s been a month dedicated to yr grrl Jane; a celebration of her influence, and an inquiry into the resonance of her scope. But we would be remiss not to guide it all towards the inevitable confluence of meeting the indelible force herself; the matron of Romancelandia; the true essence of all things that send your heart and situation aflutter: it’s Persuasion by Jane Austen. For you, by you; thank you now and always.


Episode 43: JANEuary Part 4 (The Fans) — A Certain Persuasion by Julie Bozza et al.

JANE-U-VERSE - n. the world(s) expanded within and beyond Jane Austen’s novels as imagined by her readers through the act of emulation. This week, Morgan and Isabeau explore selections from A Certain Persuasion: Modern LGBTQ+ Fiction inspired by yr grrl’s novels, featuring stories by Julie Bozza, Fae Mcloughlin, and JL Merrow. It’s about the space between the novels; the nooks and crannies of potential intrigue; the nagging notion of a lingering ‘what if’ actualized. We’re going back in on fan fic for this cherished month of yr grrl y’all so plz don’t flame us ok?


Episode 42: JANEuary Part 3 (The Adaptation) — Clueless (1995) and Emma (1996)

Crash positions listeners: it’s a JANEuary charm bomb. This week, Morgan and Isabeau pour one out for the chaste and stationary in their discussion of the classic Jane Austen adaptation and sleepover film par excellence, Clueless, directed by Amy Heckerling, and its lackluster bedfellow, Emma, directed by Douglas McGrath. What is a proper distillation of this novel’s essence - is it the tragedy of a trapped mind? Does a modern retelling highlight its comedic elements? Did Alicia Silverstone and Gwyneth Paltrow become Emma in real life? Where do you stand on Emma? Cuddle up with your favorite sexy step-brother for this one y’all because it’s movie night.


Episode 42: JANEuary Part 2 (The Speculative) — For Darkness Shows The Stars by Diana Peterfreund

Dear Listeners, prepare to enter a tale as much yr grrl Jane as it is yr boi Aldous because this week Morgan and Isabeau are taking a trip to the other worldly. It’s Persuasion, generations after an event called "the Reduction," where love continues to blossom through the cracks of a biologically-enhanced hierarchical class structure. How does the framework of a mother text allow its children to run amok? Are epistles a creative crutch? Is alluding to it as “butterflies” an appropriate way for young-ish adults to discuss teenage sexuality? If we only had two syllables to describe this episode they'd be: it good.


Episode 41: JANEuary Part 1 (The Remix) — Pride by Ibi Zoboi

It’s Jane-uary in this beautiful New Year of yr grrl, and we’re going all in out the gate y’all. This week, Morgan and Isabeau are breaking off a little preview of Ibi Zoboi’s P&P remix, Pride, named the Great Big Romance Read of 2018 by the Ripped Bodice. It’s about being a castaway in the throes of youth culture. It’s about that-trendy-new-place-in-an-up-and-coming-neighborhood. It’s about Mr. Darcy’s relationship to the trope of the manic pixie dream girl. It's a modern telling of P&P with... teens. It’s all killer and no filler party people.

Awaken_My_Love (1).jpg

Episode 40: Not Outlander We Promise — Awaken, My Love —Robin Schone

In this episode Morgan and Isabeau discuss a time traveling romance. And it's not Outlander. Our modern day heroine (who lives in Chicago!) is thrown back in time and into an entirely different body! She does her level best to figure out the mystery of how she not only swapped bods but also timelines and she has sex on a horse.

Morgan and Isabeau dive deep into questions around corporeal identity, consent, and what rage looks and feels like. Trigger Warning: this book is a lot and deals explicitly with molestation and rape.


A Boxing Day Boner: Enemies To Lovers

Dismissive actions. Furtive eyes. Arguing and making out in the rain. Hate fucking that becomes love fucking. This week, for a special Boxing Day Boner, Morgan and Isabeau unpack the classic Romance trope of enemies to lovers through the lens of the indelible 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. Darcy. Gazebos. And displeasure turned titillating. Snuggle up with this cozy Boner and get ready because Jane-uary, came early.


Episode 39: Fuckin’ Dukes — How the Dukes Stole Christmas by Tessa Dare et al.

Whether they’re kicking you and your loved ones off their property, enjoying a solitary brood on the snow swept moors, parroting Ebenezer Scrooge, or simply trying to run a successful newspaper, it seems Dukes are everywhere these days. This week, Morgan and Isabeau explore the men beneath the titles in How the Dukes Stole Christmas, an anthology of novellas by Tessa Dare, Sarah MacLean, Sophie Jordan, and Joanna Shupe. Can love coexist with wealth? Is Heiress Alone just Home Alone with more vitamin D? Does magic shortbread show up on a drug test? It’s a festive Duke down with all the trimmings. Eat and be merry!


Boner-On-Us: Jane-uary Announcement

We said we wouldn’t do it. We said we’d never talk about Jane Austen on this show. She’s played out. Old hat. But this January, get ready for the face-off you never thought possible, because it’s Jane-uary motherbitches. Morgan and Isabeau are coming fully loaded with genre spanning Jane Austen inspired content, commentary, reviews, Clueless; the whole gamut.

But we want YOU to decide what Jane Austen novel to feature for Jane-uary! Is it Emma? S&S? P&P? Northanger Abbey? Start thinking about where your loyalties lay, because this January is all about yr grrl Jane.

Vote here:


Episode 38: Every Rose Has Its Thorn — Until Forever by Johanna Lindsey

Tenured and bespectacled Roseleen White, Professor of Medieval Studies, has just discovered a rather peculiar sword. Tethered to the sword is Thorn, a Viking warrior who may be summoned at will and is at the mercy of its wielder. Could this immortal and immaculate being be the key to Roseleen’s career advancement and *removes glasses* her sexual awakening? Do you think I look hotter with my glasses on or off? *puts glasses back on* On. *removes glasses once more* Off. No? This week, Morgan and Isabeau unpack the complexities of the culture wars, discuss eyeglass appropriation, and marvel at the novel’s internal adherence to the ethics of time travel. I can’t tell if you’re nodding — are you nodding? You’re just a gorgeous blur. *puts on glasses yet again* Well?


Episode 37: Xmas Redux — A Christmas to Remember by Lisa Klepas et al

Last year, two burgeoning podcasters recorded what was to be a true and undoctored account of their mental and emotional experience reading A Christmas to Remember featuring stories by Lisa Kleypas, Lorraine Heath, Megan Frampton, and Vivienne Lorret. Sadly, the recording and its sentiments were never recovered. Now, Morgan and Isabeau are back to reignite those lost feelings of arousal and outrage with a passionate reenactment of a previously unreleased Whoa!mance classic.

This never-before-heard deluxe edition includes: digitally remastered shots at the patriarchal coding of feminine beauty standards, an in-depth analysis of the capitalist rot beneath Santa’s suit, and takes categorically hotter than roasted chestnuts.

This episode is a perfect stocking stuffer for feet of all shapes and sizes — available now while supplies last!


Episode 36: Fumbling Memories — Turkey Day Tryst by Mia McAndrews

Thanksgiving is a time for indulging in corporeal comforts to distract from the guilt of America’s colonialist origin; the type of bad feeling that requires four distinct potato dishes and the gladiatorial sport of football to placate until bear baiting bubbles back into the zeitgeist. Why else would Debby choose to satisfy her most carnal of appetites in the warmth and safety of her childhood bed, the aroma of turkey fat thick in the air, her family moving about below? What could be better? What could be more repressed? What does your ideal penis look like? Morgan and Isabeau want to know; contains meat.


Episode 35: An Unbridgeable Breach — Never Sweeter by Charlotte Stein

At some point we’ve all felt bullied. But did you ever think, as you stared out through the slits of a locker, your new home, that perhaps your tormentor just needed to work through some misplaced sexual desire? That in fact, your personal Roger Klotz was just biding their time to tell you how they really felt? What’s the statute of limitations on attempted murder? Can a novel be both problematic and titillating? Morgan and Isabeau grapple with Letty and Tate’s relationship, barn weddings, and what to do when your mind’s telling you no, but your body, your body, has been reshaped by toxic masculinity.


Episode 34: Stunned and Humbled — Hidden Sins by Stacey Abrams

A first love. A religious cult. A hundred corpses. This week, Morgan and Isabeau join Mara Reed as she tries to outrun the violence of her past and survive in the Lone Star State. But not everything about Mara’s past is bent on her destruction: enter Dr. Ethan Stuart, forensic anthropologist and beefcake who needs Mara’s help to solve a mysterious case. Why Texas? Why violence? What is love? These questions and more y'all.


Episode 33: Covered in Victims, Looking Like a Snack — Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake

You know that feeling when you’ve been entrusted with your dead dad’s bloodknife to keep the spectral world from culling human victims, but you’re too hung up on getting a little ghost strange from bae to dispatch her to an unknown that’s likely worse than hell? This week, Morgan and Isabeau follow Cas Lowood to Thunder Bay, Ontario on his quest to rid the world of flesh-eating ghosts, chase tail, and pass biology. Trigger Warning — a dude gets ripped the fuck in half like a hamburger. $5 solo cup: keg in back.


Episode 32: Ripped and Hairless — Dark Desires by Eve Silver

What tempts you? What fixations lurk in the corners of your mind? Is it leather? Lace? Or perhaps...MURDER? This week, Morgan and Isabeau take a carriage ride to Whitechapel, London to meet Darcie Finch, and her mysterious new boss, anatomist and shit artist Dr. Damien Cole. But as whispers and disappearances continue to shroud Damien, Darcie is flayed by the peril of choice: to risk her love, or her life. SPOOOOOOKY!


Episode 31: A Dispora of One — The Prince by Katharine Ashe

Art. Passion. Surgeries. This week, Morgan & Isabeau explore the fourth installment of Katharine Ashe’s Devil’s Duke Series, The Prince. Is there a purer expression of love than building a prosthetic leg for one’s betrothed? Is the novel’s historical depiction of a culturally diverse Edinburgh resonate as *air quotes* modern or does it have more tokens than a Chuck E. Cheese? Is it time for Romance to outlaw the Shah? These questions and more! Dress code casual.