Episode 15: "An Inconvenient Booty" A Pirate's Love by Johanna Lindsey

On this episode Isabeau and Morgan tackle a sea monster of a Classic in Johanna Lindsey's A Pirates Love. Readers be Warned: this book deals explicitly with sexual assault. As our producer said — it really puts the rape back into rape and pillage. It's a lot. So take care of yourself listener.

However if you want to brave the tides with Morgan and Isabeau on this classic anchors away me hearties! Lets get down and dirty.


Episode 14:Tempest by Beverly Jenkins

For this episode Morgan and Isabeau tackle a western! Do you love cowboys, history, and sex positivity? Got secret hots for the country doc? This book has it all!

Tell us which bit was the best bit — whoamancemail@gmail.com


Episode 13: Interview with a Romance Author — Caroline Linden


It's Whoa!mance's first ever author interview! Listen as Isabeau fangirls all over one of her favorite authors — the Rita Award Winning Caroline Linden. Curious about how Caroline broke into the field? The first romance she ever read? Or how she writes smutty periodicals for her hilarious and strong characters? Listen and find out — we cover everything from Happily Ever Afters to diversity in stories and publishing.


Episode 12: Gaywyck by Vincent Virga

If you love the sound of the ocean, sexual awakenings, murder plots, candles and late 19th century New York — this new Whoa!mance is just for you! The Grandfather of Queer Romance is a gothic stunner of sensual delights. Loosen your cravats m'lovelies this one gets good.


Episode 11: Love And Other Scandals by Caroline Linden

This week Morgan blows Isabeau's mind on the social construct of flattering fashion and what constitutes a Freudian sex scene. If you love fancy balls, trashy mags, discussions of female friendship — and bobbing penises this is your episode! NSFW but you knew that.


Boner-on-us (Bonus) Episode: The Rita Awards

Isabeau patiently explains to Morgan the Rita Awards — especially the recent controversy over long-standing, systemic problems therein.

Apologies for the lack of cool tunes and sound-goodness — without Nick we really boner'd this ep. But we wanted to be timely.


Episode 10: A Princess In Theory by Alyssa Cole — Part Two

Pt. 2 of our two-part series on A Princess in Theory by Alyssa Cole. LISTEN as Morgan and Isabeau argue the difference between a strain and a reach, shout about what it means to be progressive and inclusive in genre fiction, and finish with some ASMR sound triggers. Hashtag intentional, indeed.


Episode 9: A Princess In Theory by Alyssa Cole — Part One

This week on Whoa!mance we're talking about Alyssa Cole's new and delectable book A Princess In Theory. If you love PhD candidates trying to scrape by under the oppression of the patriarchy in NY — who suddenly meet a woke and hot as hell prince this is the book for you!

IT'S A TWO PARTER!!! Morgan and Isabeau had a lot of feelings on this gem.

No_Other_Duke_Will_Do (1).jpg

Episode 8: No Other Duke Will Do by Grace Burrowes

Do you love libraries, castles, house parties and discussion of gauche merchants? You'll love Grace Burrows regency delight — this one takes place in Wales — and listeners you've nothing to loose but your inhibitions. That's right this gem is class conscience and NOT in a Cinderella way!

Imporper_Arrangements (1).jpg

Episode 7: Improper Arrangements by Juliana Ross

In which we tackle Improper Arrangments (a novella-ella-ella eh eh by Juliana Ross), perspectives, family planning, sea sponges, underpants and more. Can you believe it — this was the second Whoa!mance ever recorded!

Shanna (1).jpg

Episode 6: Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Hold on to your stays for this romance classic! Shanna has it all! Pirates! A marriage plot! Assumed names! A feisty heroine and a Caribbean island. If you like Sandals Commercials you will like some of this book. Listeners beware there is discussion of non-consensual sex and slavery.

Montana_Sky (1).jpg

Episode 5: Montana Sky by Nora Roberts

We tackle Montana Sky by lioness in her field NORA ROBERTS while discussing the vanilla candles, The American West, and 1996 in general. Warning: This episode (and book) contains discussion of violence against women.

Priest (1).jpg

Episode 4: Priest by Sierra Simone

Heads up — there is discussion of rape and violence in this episode.

WOW! We talk about religion, Three Billboards, the complexity of complicity, the complexity of consent, the complexity of guys who won't shut up about their Women Studies class, and some pretty graphic sex!

About_Last_Night (1).jpg

Episode 3: About Last Night by Ruthie Knox

Whilst talking about About Last Night we also cover the mob, naughty knitwear, colonialism, and the quality of egg dish you DESERVE to be served by your lover.

Beast (1).jpg

Episode 2: Beast by Judith Ivory

Morgan and Isabeau get weird with Judith Ivory's Beast and talk identity, whales, consent, Lynch, Baudelaire, Americans and aristocracy, and personal aroma.


Episode 1: A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare

Isabeau and Morgan kick off the podcast by talking about A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare, dinosaurs, agency, labor, the border between England and Scotland, and Trader Joes.